Sunday, August 29, 2010

Too Darn Cute

This is my grandpa.

He is literally cuter than babies and puppies.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My childhood best friend was Taylor. We were crazy together.
ALWAYS laughing. With such a small selection of friends (growing up in a small town n' all) we just kept to ourselves. The other girls hated us for it, but we loved our "Tay and Hill world" that we leaped into everyday in the 7th and 8th grade. I would have to say, that junior high was close to the best years of my life.

Mostly, because of Taylor.

It is great to look back on times and really be able to feel what you used to feel.
I cherish memories like those. The ones that make you really FEEL.

It is hard not laugh. We were crazy! Always running around the cafeteria at lunch causing trouble. When we were in Miss Wick's 7th grade Social Studies class, we had to recite "Caesar's Eulogy" which was a PRETTY HARD THING TO LEARN. After many hours memorizing line after line, I got up in front of the class to get my A.

My A went faster than I thought. Having Taylor in the front row of my class did not help, we couldn't stop laughing. Eventually, Miss Wick made Taylor move to the back so I could finish. I started over and got my A! Phew! That Taylor... ;)

Now, Taylor is getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry the boy she has been in love with since she was 15. I was the first one to know when she first kissed a boy (her soon-to- be husband). I am proud to be a bridesmaid in a few short days! Taylor and I are going to rock that dance floor!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whitworth, here I come! I am pretty excited. I have peace, and it feels good.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Waiting, Almost Impatiently

I LOVE to travel. If there was another word that could explain my passion for seeing the world, I would use it. Obsessed? In LOVE? Whatever best explains this deep desire flowing through my veins, that's it. That's the word.

Most people I know feel the same way about traveling. I mean who doesn't love to travel? It's the greatest feeling being placed in a foreign environment where you learn new things, see and experience a whole new way of life, and most of all.... Meet people that change your life. Forever.

I made a decision to go to France this year. To live in France! OOOH how wonderful does that sound? A dream? I think so!

Before I made the decision to go to France, I made the decision to go to Whitworth. Once I decided on France, Whitworth was out the window. That is how I work. I jump around like I have my head cut off until I feel pleased with my decisions. Sometimes I jump from one thing to the next, one emotion to the next, one decision to the next, hoping that one day I will get it all right. In hope that one day I will reach ultimate contentment. You can guess where that gets me...

No where near ultimate contentment.
In June I made the rash decision to go to France. I thought it sounded like the best idea yet! Traveling a whole 9 months! Learning another language! Learning more about life and myself! That is what I need most..To learn about life and myself.

When I was in India, the best part was that I knew what I was doing was so so so RIGHT. That where I was, was exactly where I should be. Where God wanted me to be.

Ever since I have been home, not having that feeling, makes me feel like I am running around with my head cut off.

I made the decision to go to France all by myself. I can't do life all by myself, and once I realized that, I realized it was time to pray.

I began to pray a couple of weeks ago to make sure that I was supposed to go to France. I was putting it off for so long, because I was afraid that I would get an answer I didn't want. Because deep down I knew that I was probably not supposed to go.

The first decision I made NOT all by myself was to go to India. BEST decision I have ever made or should I say we ( God and me)? That is where I learned that ultimate contentment does in fact, exist.

After I started praying for guidance and answers, I got my acceptance letter to Whitworth.

DECISIONS! I am terrible at decisions...Now, I am left with two great options. UGH!

When I decided to go to France, the thought of going away seemed so great. But, that is just it...I am going away. Going away from what? Fears, decisions, growing up? I'm not sure exactly which one. I'm starting to question why I even wanted to go in the first place. I am starting to seem a little selfish...

I can't just do things because they are fun, I wish I could but I just can't.

So now I am here, waiting for an answer. Scared, that I might make the wrong decision...So what is going to be Hillary, Whitworth or France?

All this thinking and praying, has left me in a place of stress and worry.

I watched this today and sincerely laughed. I just love this video. It made me feel better.

Monday, August 9, 2010

On Top

I went backpacking on Friday and Saturday.

Hiking at fast speeds up a mountain with a backpack on might not be the best feeling physically, but the moment I saw that special place where I could call home for next 24 hours, reminded me of why I put my body through this.

Ah yes.... The top.
The view. The air. The clear, fresh lake. The height. The nature.

The best part?...Knowing that at the bottom of the mountain are worries, deadlines, stresses, struggles, and work.

But right now, I am on the top. On the top enjoying God's gift to man. Leaving everything else behind.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Find Her Everyday

It was just 6 months ago when I was not just Hillary.

I was India Hillary.

Not a day goes by where the sweet moments of that captivating country don't occupy my mind.

I will always remember that special place.

I do not always remember India Hillary.

I want to find her everyday.

I want to remember her everyday.
When I am not India Hillary. I am not completely myself.
Not completely who I should be. Want to be.

Oh sweet India, how I do miss you. When we were so close, life seemed perfect. Thank you for taking me away from my reality to show me true reality.