Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blessings and Gravity

I am completely blessed to be at the Northeast Youth Center, that place completes the “helper” in me. I have set my goals, and am already focusing on what I can do to fulfill these goals through the children and my experience there. Right now, I am trying to be as genuinely kind as I can, so that I can really gain the trust and love of the little tikes in my life. The counselor inside me wants to know the history of these children’s lives- where they came from, where they are, what makes them sad or happy, and most of all, why?
I am so passionate about developmental psychology; it helps me create the stories of these children. My two main focuses are Kobe and Sam. Kobe is absolutely adorable, super easy kid for the most part. Kobe has autism, and I think that is probably why he is one of the favorites at the center. I have never had experience with autism, so it excites me to be able to observe and interact with Kobe. Sam is pretty difficult, sometimes rough at times, and she seems very disconnected in some way. I am not sure if Sam has actually been diagnosed with a disorder, but I can tell I learn a lot from her. Sam gravitates toward me, and although she may not be a favorite, she makes me feel important and special too, it’s a precious thing.