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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Art of Friend-Making

Making friends is oddly tough. Environments, life phases, and morals all play huge roles in how we make friends. Annnnd top of all those things - "friend chemistry". I am really grateful for the schooling and community I had in all of my life phases thus far. I have fantastic friends and strong bonds all over the world. I am still hoping to make some strong bonds around Portland, and waiting for all those elements of friend-making to line up perfectly.

A new girl started at our sister company about a week ago. Today we got to hang out a bit and she was really funny! I love people who make me laugh, especially at work. At the end of our conversation we talked about having lunch and this was her closing sentence, "Ya we should go to my house for lunch! We can jump on the trampoline and my mom doesn't work, so she can make us sandwiches."

I am pretty sure we just became best friends!