Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Time Wit Ma Girls

This weekend was girl's weekend for me. Since I have a long distance boyfriend my time on weekends is usually dedicated to spending time with him, so my time with my sis and roomies was needing a good weekend to catch up, relax, and hang out. Our house is just so fun! It is amazing with 6 girls living under one roof, that we can get along as well as we do, and still in the end choose each other over anyone else. My weekend consisted of a girl's dinner, concert, birthday party for a cat named Pam, a full day of lounging, a night out at Red Robin, church, and an amazing lunch at the Davenport (it pays to have the parents in town :)). I feel refreshed, and FULL of joy from this weekend.

I am definitely ready to see Drew though, he is my best friend and the biggest doofus out there.