Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My childhood best friend was Taylor. We were crazy together.
ALWAYS laughing. With such a small selection of friends (growing up in a small town n' all) we just kept to ourselves. The other girls hated us for it, but we loved our "Tay and Hill world" that we leaped into everyday in the 7th and 8th grade. I would have to say, that junior high was close to the best years of my life.

Mostly, because of Taylor.

It is great to look back on times and really be able to feel what you used to feel.
I cherish memories like those. The ones that make you really FEEL.

It is hard not laugh. We were crazy! Always running around the cafeteria at lunch causing trouble. When we were in Miss Wick's 7th grade Social Studies class, we had to recite "Caesar's Eulogy" which was a PRETTY HARD THING TO LEARN. After many hours memorizing line after line, I got up in front of the class to get my A.

My A went faster than I thought. Having Taylor in the front row of my class did not help, we couldn't stop laughing. Eventually, Miss Wick made Taylor move to the back so I could finish. I started over and got my A! Phew! That Taylor... ;)

Now, Taylor is getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry the boy she has been in love with since she was 15. I was the first one to know when she first kissed a boy (her soon-to- be husband). I am proud to be a bridesmaid in a few short days! Taylor and I are going to rock that dance floor!