Friday, October 22, 2010


I am going going going. This week, all I did was GO. No stopping, no relaxing, no fun.
Now, my week is over, and I can finally stop.
This morning, I opened my door, getting ready to rush to my car to avoid the cold.
As I took my first few steps, I noticed it wasn't actually that cold.
No, it was pleasant.
I stopped.
Stood on my deck.
And looked out, really looked out. Since we moved, I haven't even noticed what a pretty area I live in.
The temperature was pleasing to warm body, it told me to stop, and see.
My mesmerized eyes told my body to relax, my relaxed body told me to breathe the fresh air that is freely given to me everyday.
My body and my eyes told me to listen.
Listen to the silence that God has given me.
Today, I was blessed by this short moment of stopping.
I get busy, we get busy, and even when we aren't busy we forget that it is OK to stop.
Listen to your body.
Listen to the silence we are blessed with.