Sunday, October 17, 2010

I listened

My family is full of dominant, open, talkative people. I used to get extremely frustrated when we all spent time together. I had a short fuse, and with people just like me, it went fast.

Traveling in the car is usually the worst...We will argue about the most ridiculous things, and everyone has a different opinion on where to eat, who is coming with us, where we are going, what way is faster, who actually knows how to get to our destination. Everyone talking over each other. I have learned to tone it down quite a bit.

Most of the time I just tune everyone out, or we learn to laugh at each other. We are good at that. Yesterday, I tried something new... Instead of tuning my lovely parents out as I laid in bed, I just listened. There I was, trying to sleep, but of course not getting any.

I was first woken up by my mom screaming, "There is poop on my hand! Paul your cat got poop on me!" She starts knocking on the bathroom door where my dad is showering, "Paul! Paul!" He yells, "I'm in the shower I can't hear what you are saying!"
Mom: "Open up the door your cat pooped on me!"
Dad: "Ok, but I am going to get water everywhere!"
After my mom washed off the cat poop, I began to listen to the two of them communicate. It was precious....
Mom: "Paul, you just left your towel on the floor."
Dad: "Well, you made me get water all over the floor to open the door, so I had to put a towel on the floor to clean up all the water."
Mom: "You know, I am really starting to like football."
Dad: "Well just sit right next to me in all the games, and ask me as many questions as you like. I will make sure you know everything you want to know.

It is fun to just listen to these two rascals... I love them, and I know why they work so well together. They are precious, and they made me smile.