Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go To Song

I once read that you should have a few "go to" songs for specific times in life.

A song that you have in times of sadness or stress is a complete necessity for me.

I love dancing like a crazy person and singing out of tune. Music is a glorious gift.

I have been falling in love with the Jackson 5 recently.

No, I AM in love with the Jackson 5. I like listening to new music that has no memories attached to it. New music does not evoke emotion, it brings new emotion to a new moment in time.

So as I read about these so called "go to" songs, I instantly realized that "I'm Coming Out" by the Supremes, and "Respect" just really get to me, and stir up all kinds of fun, exciting emotions- that leave me dancing and singing all over the place.

Along with that, the Jackson 5 are my new pandora station, and it only brings about my "go to" songs.

PS- I am sitting in Pleasant Blends with Makayla and Whitney drinking a pumpkin chai. Whoowee life is good.