Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Much Hurt is it Going to Take For Me to See It?

Whitworth started a "Post-Secret" box. It is a box that sits in the main student building(like Kellogg Hall at WWU) next to a pile of white paper. You take a piece of paper, fill it out with a secret, and then anonymously put it into the box full of secrets. Every week the secrets are added to this big board of secrets that fill the hearts and minds of the student body.

I stopped by the board the other day, and read until my heart became heavy, and then I kept reading and reading until I knew the secrets of all the authors.

This was Friday, and I am still thinking and hurting over the things I read...

It is so easy to read/hear stories or watch movies with people who are hurting, and then when it hits close to home, everything about that hurt changes.

Here are some things I read:

"My great grandma, grandma, and mom were all raped by their fathers. My dad broke this tradition, but I still dislike him."

"I was raped."

"I pretend to be single and happy, but everyday I ask myself "What is wrong with me?""

"I feel so alone."

"I decided not to get an abortion. Give me your love not your judgment."

"I cut myself."

I always forget there are people hurting all around me. After I was done reading, I just wanted to hug all those who shared what was on their hearts and minds.

Everywhere we go, we are crossing paths with someone who feels alone. I wish I could be the friend or the comforter for those strangers that are hurting.

It is important to be aware of the hurt all around us, and to not forget how much we are needed in this crazy world.