Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stepping In Dog Poop

I've been so overwhelmed lately, that there is rarely a moment that I don't have this pit in my stomach reminding me of how much I have left to do. There is ALWAYS something running through my mind.

Part of my job is picking up 16 kids from work in a huge van, it is actually a really funny sight seeing little me picking 16 kids up from school. The school that I am assigned to has 2 ADHD high functioning autistics and a boy who is developmentally slow with delayed speech development. Let me tell you, all three of these kids can not speak full sentences, let alone really say any whole words, so it is the most entertaining thing seeing them get into my van hyped up and watching them interact.

Today, the boy who is developmentally slow, was the first one to my van. He happened to step in the biggest pile of dog poop as he climbed into the van, and stepped on a seat and dragged it through the van. Oh man, it was so unfortunate, and hearing him say "sumtin smwells" was so funny it was impossible to be frustrated. All the kids were refusing to get into the van because it smelled like dog poop. I was freezing, trying to use leaves to scrape the poop off his shoe, and just laughing as I tried to get everyone under control (while this was going on, there was a boy using a stick the length of a living room to play with dog throw up) . This wonderful moment, was the brief moment that pit in my stomach wasn't there. I just can't imagine life without these pooper steppers.