Monday, February 15, 2010


God is one crazy guy!

God's timing always amazes me. It is always the right timing, even if we don't know it yet...

I have always wanted to go to Africa...
I came home earlier than expected from India...
Since the day after I came home, I wanted to be a missionary again-It's addicting, seeing the world and helping all at the same time, there are very few things more beautiful.

So here I am, wanting to travel and help again.
So here I am, wondering when my next mission will come.
So here I am, praying, wondering, where my next move is.
So here I am, getting an offer to go to Africa for spring quarter.
So here I am, excited, but knowing that whatever God wants me to do, is going to happen.
So here I am, just waiting, because God is REALLY going to have to make this happen.
So here I am, getting calls from Alex Paulson, and emails with good news one after the other.
So here I am, watching God work it out.
It's fast, scary, exciting...
So here I am, God use me!