Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer is Visiting

Summer has been visiting over the last few days and it has been absofruitly wonderful! I have a drawer at work that I have made my "sunny day drawer" it has a blanket, shorts, and a tank. When it is sunny, I don't play games! You can bet your bottom dollar that I will put in overtime to take my full lunch- in the sun, at the park.

On another note, Rudy was groomed for the first time and he came out looking like a prissy, girl poodle! It was really funny at first, until I got in the car and realized how bad it was, and then I think I discovered depression for a couple of days. I am not even kidding, I cried. We actually decided to clip him ourselves to even out his coat, so he didn't look so silly. It was really bad... Just know, he looks much better now (this is before we fixed his head!), but I will be missing that long hair for the next few months!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014