Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dancing Alone

I am home for the summer and not used to the life that I am living. My busy hectic schedule is no longer existent and it has left me feeling somewhat "life naked." I always want the opposite of what I am experiencing at the time- if I am busy, I want to relax. If I am always around people, I want alone time. If I am alone, I am lonely. If I am free, I wish I was busy.

I am free and no longer surrounded by five other friends in my home, and wishing I was busy and back in my home, with my busy schedule, with my best friends...but since I can't be. I've decided to use weeding 2000 dahlias as therapy. I've decided to use yard tools as my microphones. And to dance like a ridiculous person in the dirt, alone. I think I am more strange when I am alone, but isn't everybody?

My sister and I once had a conversation about all the weird things we did when we were alone... We were in tears from laughing so hard.

Today, I decided to smile randomly throughout my day... I felt really creepy... Kinda like the Joker from Dark Knight