Monday, May 16, 2011

My Joy

My middle name is Blaine. I named my brother in India Blaine. I want to name my first child Blaine. I love the name Blaine...

Blaine Madden is my grandpa. Blaine Madden is a gift to mankind, truly. And three days ago I came to see my grandpa, a gift, a pure joy... in the hospital.

It is hard to see the person I always saw so strong and healthy my whole life, just so weak and uncomfortable. I have been sitting by his bed side rubbing his back, handing him tissues as he coughs, and situating his blankets and pillows as he sleeps sitting in a chair. Yes, he sleeps sitting...His almost 90 year old body is shutting down before our eyes, and today I sat there as two ladies asked him how he wanted to live his last days on earth.

My grandpa is literally cuter than babies, and he makes me laugh with his adorable features, silly sounds, and funny stories. He has SO much.

So much good. So much joy. So much to GIVE this world. He has given so much and loved so much, and in return, the people that have met my grandpa have fallen in love with him.

My mom and dad told me that my grandpa has never raised his voice in his entire life, that is seriously impressive. His loyalty to God and the people around him is unreal. He is getting weaker and weaker everyday, but he will still (in a two minute window of consciousness) bring everyone together to pray.

I really need him. I really needed my grandpa this week, and I am glad my grandpa needs me too. Because the needing that is going on and the love that is being passed around this family right now, is what makes life beautiful for me in many not so beautiful situations I've been battling.

Right now, grandpa is on his way home with my mom and grandma, and he will be here as comfortable as can be until the day it is time for him to go.

As the two ladies were talking with him today, planning his next moves, they asked him what concerns he had for his life as it comes near to the end, and he replied "My only concern is my wife. She wants to go to Arizona next winter, and I want her to be able to go without me." That is who Blaine is...Not one time has he complained of being uncomfortable, or in pain, and in a time to be open about his concerns, he thinks only of the woman he has passionately loved for 62 years of marriage.

He makes the world a better place.