Monday, September 20, 2010

Throwing Myself

I have always been afraid. I would say fear has stopped me from doing a lot of things over the course of my lifetime. My greatest fear is not being good enough. I don't think this an uncommon thought at all, most people I talk with have felt this way at least once.

But I think I have thought this way for too long.

The great thing about a new school year is a new start. Something FRESH!
This year I am doubling my newness with a new year and a new school.

I love Whitworth. It is such a great school, and I am completely enjoying my new life in Spokane.

This year I decided to place myself in the world of the fearless.

Fearless of being alone and trying new things. I went to wild walls by myself last week and I was super nervous and intimidated. I kinda just stood and stared at the routes for awhile, trying to figure how I was going to boulder without looking like a total amateur. Eventually, I just started climbing, then I started asking for help, then I started making friends, then I was improving. I love being fearless! I did something new and I was all by myself.

I am learning how much fun it can be to just throw myself around in this crazy world.