Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hell on Earth

I was exercising at the YMCA last week....
As I watched each TV, I went back and forth between different news stations.
On one... a young girl found raped and killed, linking her death back to a repeating offender.
On the other...a teenager with autism committed suicide from school bullying. Not one teacher or student stuck up for her. Not one person fought for her.
Another...A school deciding to put up a fence, because of suicides and drunk accidents, where kids jump off a cliff and kill themselves.
There I was. Treading along. My heart hurting for these people...

There are so many people in my world. Our world. God's world. Satan's world?

There are the people who bring hell to earth.
Then there are those who charge into this hell we are living in and bring Heaven with them.

I am deciding to charge into this hell of a world and bring Heaven with me.

It is our choice as Christians to be God's warriors each and every single day. We never know if the person we don't say hi to, or the stranger we walk by, is a person going through hell and getting lost.

Let's bring Heaven into this earth!