Monday, July 23, 2012


Cherry harvest is a chaotic time for my family, but it is over. Cherries have been picked, packed by the family's small hands, and sold to the cherry lovers in our world.  My sister had a wedding reception. And we have gladly accepted multiple friends and family members into our home since the first day of summer. Life has been lived fully in the Madden home the last two months.

A couple weeks ago, my mom came into my bedroom at 4 in morning and told me my aunt had died. Ever since I heard those words slip so fast out of her mouth, I have almost refused to accept that she is actually gone. forever. For some reason, losing someone hurts so badly, but at the same time seem so unreal. It is silly to think that I still expect to see her soon. Because my whole life she has been here. And now, for the rest of my life, she won't be here.

Gillian is my aunt (my mom's only sibling). She likes to be called GG though. She is our aunt GG.

Anyone who has met GG would say that she is unique and quite eccentric. She grew up in Venice Beach, CA, and she had that written all over her from her widespread vocabulary to her choice of dress. For my 9th birthday I got to go visit her and my grandparents. That was all I wanted to do, was hang out with Aunt Gillian. We bought a ten dollar bike for me to ride around the boardwalk with her for the time while I was there, and it was one of the best times of my life. Seriously, she is one of the funnest people ever. Being around her was always an adventure. Even before she was gone, I would always reminisce about my times with her. I spent most of my life with her, she would come and go, but when she would come and stay for long amounts of time, she was a hit with us girls. She loved us. She would tell me I was her favorite, I think that I was the only one she told that to... haha...

She loved Sugar Ray, if you haven't listened to them, you should. They brighten up the day. She hated snakes. I once saw her jump so high, scream some weird words, and run off in her platform flip flops into the orchard...she saw a snake and didn't take it well. Every time I walk that path, I imagine that little moment of her freaking out. She has a 9 year old son, Zane. He lived with us most of his life, so having him back seems almost natural. He is comfortable with us for the time being. He calls us his sisters now, and we have willingly accepted that role. GG loved to dance. Zane dances ALL the time. He loves to play youtube videos and just dance. It is fun to see how much of GG Zane has in him. I am glad we still have a part of her with us.