Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Date God

When I decided to rededicate my life to God, I called myself a nun. My goal was to "Date God." I wear a bracelet around my wrist everyday that reminds me of the commitment I made to Him almost three years ago. Sometimes something we look at everyday is not a good enough reminder to keep us focused on the REAL things in life. I was looking through my documents and came across this...

I hereby declare that I am a nun

As a nun I promise to do the following:

1. Fill my thoughts only of God

2. Strive for God’s Will in my life

3. Surround myself only of the things that lift God up

4. Be an example

5. Make a difference

6. Love and be loved

7. Speak only uplifting words

8. Refuse to see people as anything less than human beings created by God

9. Choose positivity

10. Take each problem as an opportunity to see God.

11. Be Content

12. Always strive for a better relationship with God.

13. Be Humble

Sometimes I make myself laugh, and sometimes I realize how smart I was back in the day...Time for some refocusing.