Thursday, February 3, 2011


My favorite word right now is connections.

I really love people. I love the people who surround me every week, the people that let me see how real people are and how connected we can be.

When I was on vacation last week my family and I were SO connected. My sisters and I got a long so well. We shared secrets...Ah, I love secrets!

When we were growing up we never wanted to tell each other anything. We kept things from each other. Sometimes just because we could. Sometimes because we didn't want mom or dad finding out. And sometimes just to hold it over each other's heads that we knew something they didn't. Haha...

I've realized secrets are a big deal. They bring people together. Secrets are connections.

My sisters have all shared things with me that have ended with, "You are the only one I have told this to..."

I love that saying...It's like hearing, "I trust you more than anyone else, and right now I know that what I say is going to be so real, sometimes good sometimes bad, but real. And I know that whatever I tell you, you will treasure, you will listen, and that is all I need right now."

BOOM! Connected.

My best friend came back from a month in Peru on Monday. We have been inseparable all week. I just have so much fun with Annalise. She is so honest and down to earth. Everyone loves her. I could not be so thankful for such a strong connection with a friend.

Kara is in France. We write and skype often. Even though she is SO far away, I feel more connected to her than those I see everyday. God has given me a friend that I am so thankful for.

When I feel a new connection between a person and me, for whatever reason, it just feels like God has placed that person in my life for that exact moment.

These connections fill my moments with living.