Sunday, April 18, 2010


My expectations for this weekend...Well, they were so far away from what happened.
I went to Spokane for a family weekend.

I imagined the weekend going like this....

Jenny and I get into town and we all meet up at the apartment and get really excited to see each other.

We do something super fun and stay up really late Friday night.

We all go to church together on Sabbath.

We play and relax in the park all day.

Then do a movie night together Saturday night.

It's Sunday morning and I was woken up (which I am not too happy about) and as I look back on the weekend....NOTHING happened like I imagined.

Without using names or hurting feelings, I will just say that...None of those things happened, not one. You know what did happen?


My family has four sisters, and when we are all together I never know what to expect. I did not expect 5 woman to be PMSing all at once though. (sorry guys!)

Usually the fighting doesn't bother me, but this weekend it hurt. I hate to see my family fight. I hate to see mean things be thrown into the air and land on the hearts of others.

This weekend I didn't expect for my heart to hurt for my loved ones, but it did.
This weekend I didn't expect to hear fighting, but I did.

This weekend I didn't expect to have a Sabbath full of laughter with a long time friend, but I did.

Carley, I didn't expect a day full of laughter with you, but you taught me how good something unexpected can be!

"The best things in life are unexpected-because there were no expectations."