Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's interesting how numb I can become to the beauty filled in my REAL home. Right now I am renting a house out by school, my parents are still renting our house on South Hill, and then I have my home in Brewster. When I am talking to someone, and I tell them that "I am home" or "going home," they always think that I mean one of my houses in Spokane, but I most definitely mean my one and only REAL home, in Brewster.

Home is beautiful in the summer time! My mom is addicted to flowers and is consistently buying more and more everyday. She has a green thumb and has created a masterpiece in every corner and space around our house. With so many flowers, I have always weeded or dead headed for my mom since I can remember. Unfortunately, the gardens have gotten bigger each year, which has resulted in summers where weeding became a full time job.

I really don't mind working in the garden anymore. It's somewhat relaxing, and gives me time to think or to enjoy Ziggy Marley serenading me. Today, I really took time to think about all the good times I have had in those gardens, orchards, or yards. Jenny and I had so much fun just talking about the most wild and disturbing things last summer. When we were really young, we would get in mud fights so we wouldn't have to work. I walked past our playhouse today, it is the only thing that really hasn't changed in our yard. I stopped to take a good look at it..."Wow, that thing is tiny!!!" I don't know why in the midst of all this beauty and development and newness that my parents have left that crappy playhouse sitting there since we were children. Unmoved, neglected, yet with so many memories... I smile real big when I think about that playhouse and every memory that comes with it. In all our hiding games, it was the number one choice for a good hiding spot.