Monday, September 27, 2010


I am entering my 4th week at Whitworth University today, and the newness of everything is starting to fade away.

My first few days at Whitworth I felt like I was a senior in high school jumping into my first year of college. Not just any senior though, a UCA senior. I felt sheltered and conservative....Two things I have never felt before. I thought Whitworth was going to be the Walla Walla of Presbyterians (whatever that really means). And I was wrong...Here are the few things that crossed my mind over and over again:

"Boys and girls can be in the same dorm?"
"Boys and girls can be in the same room?! WHAT?"
"Um...girl, you need to put that cig out right now! Is anyone else seeing what I am seeing?"
"Dancing? All the time?"
"My teacher cusses a lot."
"Happy Sabbath! Oh wait..."
"Church on Sabbath this weekend or church on Sunday?"
"Nobody here believes what I believe...What do I even believe?"

I have been a little confused lately...At Walla Walla it was kinda just assumed everyone believed the same things, and everyone did the same things. It made it easy for me to decide where I stood or what I believed or did, because everyone around me was doing it.

I was shaped by my environment.

Now, I am in a different environment forcing myself to stand strong. I am trying to figure out where I am religiously, and although I never thought I would ever feel stuck in a place of Religion... I am.