Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am not the best student.
I have always considered myself the "average" student.
Whether this is true or not, this is what I have told myself for a long time.

Monday, I felt different.

Gary Wiss is my Research Writing teacher, and anyone who knows who he is, knows that he is tough. He asks a lot from his students. It was pretty apparent that Gary's class would be a lot of work when I received his 40 page syllabus the first day of the quarter.

It has been assignment after assignment after assignment in his class. I am proud to say I have not missed ONE of his class periods.

Now, it is the end of the quarter and all my assignments have been handed in, and I am now in the process of editing my final research paper.

It feels good to be almost finished, but that isn't even the best part....

As I sat in class on Monday, I noticed I was one of the few still enrolled in the class, or at least still attending the class. I felt proud to be one of those students!

I truly feel like an all around better student because of Gary's class, he gives me the feeling of accomplishment. For once, I don't feel like just an "average" student anymore.