Monday, October 17, 2011


I was sitting with a few of my friends in the cafe today. It was two of my favorite guys in the world (Danny and Dillon) and one of my soul sisters (Makayla). Makayla and I are crazy together. We have developed weird habits and sayings that make a lot of eyebrows raise and just make us look ridiculous.

Our most common and odd behavior, is when we are excited about something we throw our fist in the air, flex our arm, squeeze as hard as we can until our veins are popping out of our neck, and with our teeth clenched, scream "yeesssssssssssssss!!"

It gets me every time.

These odd behaviors make me happy. Makayla was home this last week, and a part of me was missing without our fist-making behavior.

That behavior makes me happy.

That single, simple thing makes me giggle every time.

Jeez...It really is the little things huh?

Dillon asked me today, "How are you just so happy all the time?"

Well Dill, it's the little things. :)