Thursday, May 20, 2010


I went to Spokane for the night to visit my sister. Her boyfriend of 2 years broke up with her and it hurts me to see her hurt.

Love is so messy and complicated.
Not one person can tell another I will love you forever, and really know in the end that they WILL love that person FOREVER.
When people give their hearts away, it is a HUGE deal. By giving your heart away, you are saying, "here take all of me, to love me forever and ever, or to break my heart into a million pieces.

Love is two extremes. Love is unexpected.

I feel for those who hurt. Loss is hard.

Today I realized that I am so lucky to have a God that I can completely give my heart and no matter what he will never break it into a tiny little pieces. I hope my sister finds that out for herself, because it makes loving so much easier to know that no matter who comes and goes I have someone who loves me unconditionally, forever.