Saturday, January 7, 2012

it's moments like this that create my passion for seeing the world

I think about India everyday. This is one of my favorite moments while I was there:

I just stood there. Sounds of horns, people, vendors, and cars. Sights of oxen, staring, and more people. India is loud, India is busy, and right then, in that small market, there I stood in the pouring rain. As it poured harder, I didn't see the people and the vendors, I didn't hear the cars and the horns. No, I didn't see. I Didn't hear. I felt. I felt peace, I felt joy, and I felt love. Peace, because I knew where I was standing at that moment, was where I was supposed to be. Joy, because I wanted to be there, and love, simply because God is good. Friends and family, wherever you are, I encourage you to embrace the moments God gives us, and just stand there.