Friday, July 1, 2011

Brito and Troy 2007 Spring Banquet
Troy, Brito, Brock, and Me 2007
Troy and Brock cutting our hair! 2007
Kara and me 2006
Ashley Brito and Kara came to visit me last night. They are two of my best friends from boarding school. When we get together, I just sit there with overflowing joy, and think, " I can't believe we are all together right now!" Kara is famous for her humor, but only the select few even come to realize how funny she really is. Brito giggles like no one else, and she has the ability to laugh at everything that Kara or I do. We get together like it was yesterday. There are so many small details over the years that have been left out, catching up that is so far gone to even bring into conversation, but it never seems like they have left my life for even a moment. Ah, good friends like these make me smile, and make life fantastic. From deep convos to silly dances, I can always count on these two for continuous moments of joy.