Friday, September 10, 2010

Awkward Moments and Saggy Bodies

I go to OZ Fitness everyday to work out. I usually run, lift, then hit the sauna and end in the pool. I am really into my time at the gym. It's my interrupted time to do whatever I want, think, and meet new people.

I happen to have some sort of story just about every time I am there.

I ALWAYS have awkward moments.

When I am in the sauna, I read. Well, I try...Most of the time it is me and one other person trying to avoid the awkwardness of what is supposed to be our "relaxing time." I try reading, but instead I always sit there thinking about the other person. "What is he like?" "What does she do during the day?" "I wonder how old he is and where he goes to college ;)?" "Come on Hillary, just break the silence. Ask them how they are doing!" Today, I sucked it up and started with "Whoo, it's hot in here." Haha that just sounds ridiculous....

Today, I ran into a teacher who came in and subbed for my Spanish class for a few weeks my junior year. She waved at me and started talking to me, but she thought I was Whitney (my younger sister). I told her I was Hillary, and then it was awkward. I was a little bummed a teacher of mine didn't recognize me, and she was embarrassed she thought I was Whitney. Yep, that's an awkward moment.

I have a huge spot in my heart for the elderly. Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my favorite days to go to the gym before 9, because I get to talk with the elderly ladies just as they finish water aerobics and are hitting the showers. As they prance around laughing about their saggy bodies, they always tell me how great I look or how cute my bathing suit is. Something about my suit really draws their attention, it is so weird. It's just a Target two piece that is two years old, but they LOVE it. These beautiful ladies bring a lot joy to my life. Today, I met Joe, she was hard at hearing with bright white hair. Joe was a cutie.