Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Middle

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Beach Time!
Best Friends
Walk to Work- Downtown Spokane

I sat on the airplane, traveling home from a 10 day vacation with my cousin (who is also my best friend), and "that place" hit me...I remember feeling "that place" when I came home from India. It's the place that I call the "middle," it's the place where you leave someone you love, or something wonderful like a vacation, but yet you are still not home. Not with the ones you love. And all you have is the missing from the last place you were and the longing for what is to come-the middle. It's a depressing place for me a lot of the time. Because in most cases, it's a pretty lonely place to sit and rest.

When I was on the airplane I stared the middle right in the face and began to think... I don't like the middle, at least I didn't used to. I realized I sit in the middle often...

The school year is my middle until summer approaches, then when I am ready for school to resume, the summer becomes my middle. Then school is once again my middle. So where and when is my beginning and where is my climatic end?

Between each trip I go on, I sit in the middle- awaiting and sometimes stressing over when I get to leave once again.

That makes this last year... my middle.

So where is my beginning and end again? I've become to realize that I am always waiting for something to happen, which can be a great thing, but it allows me to anxiously wait for something far down the road, rather than embrace the very moments I am living. The middle is a great place to be. The middle is a silly thing called life, and we gots to be livin' it up!